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How to install the Add to Calendar Button with Angular

Step 1: npm installation

Install the package from the npm registry.

npm install add-to-calendar-button

Step 2: Import it

Import the module into the component, where you want to use the button.

import 'add-to-calendar-button';

Step 3: Optimize the Angular config

To make Angular work properly with the Web Component, you need to import the CUSTOM_ELEMENTS_SCHEMA and update the @NgModule/@Component block respectively.

// app.module.ts

import { NgModule, CUSTOM_ELEMENTS_SCHEMA  } from '@angular/core';


Step 4: Use it

Start using it by adding a <add-to-calendar-button> tag to your HTML source code - with the options as attributes.

Yes, it is that simple.

Your code block could look like the following.

  location="World Wide Web"

Proper bindings

To bind data to a specific attribute, you need to use the syntax [attr.PARAMETER]="your data".

Based on your setup, the data flow might happen after the first rendering of the button. This is no problem, but you might see errors in the console when in debug mode, claiming there is data missing. Mind that due to this reason, binding the "identifier" option would not work.

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